Pre-Order for IIES 24'' OP

SGCC 2019 Leiendo Pre-Order for IIES 24'' OP 1 minuto Siguiente ACGHK 2020

The Pre-Order on our IIES 24” 62cm Optimus Prime is not yet open.

Our YOLOPARK website was force to change to “SOLD OUT” as many have start placing order. Rest assured the minimal money that have been charged will be refunded back by itself after 1 week.

By 28th of JUNE, all the complete information on IIES Optimus Prime will be published.

Pricing will be announced on 30th JUNE and then our YOLOPARK website will be updated correctly and by 1st JULY, you can start placing your Pre-Order on our website.

Licensed territories are
1. North America (Canada & USA)
2. South East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam)

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